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Easter is almost here, and if you’re looking to tap into the season to maximize your marketing opportunities, Twitter has shared some tips and usage insights to help guide your approach – including the best hashtags to use for the event.
As you can see, last year, the most used hashtags around Easter were:
So giveaways are obviously a key brand approach, which could be worth noting in your strategy.
It’s hard to say how beneficial, or not, hashtags are on Twitter are these days, with Twitter itself advising brands to not include any hashtags at all in certain instances.
The basic rule of thumb is that if you’re including a link, and you want to guide users to click, then maybe adding hashtags won’t be helpful, as it gives them other things to click on in the tweet. But if you’re looking to amplify your messaging, and increase brand awareness, specifically through your tweets, then hashtags can help – though as always, it will come down to your audience and focus, and it’s worth experimenting to see what results you get.
Twitter also suggests that brands ‘embrace emojis for an extra dash of Easter fun’.
“The top used emojis last Easter include the rabbit face emoji, the hatching chick emoji, the egg emoji, bunny emoji and laughing face emoji. Just make sure to avoid repeating the same emoji over and over, as it can be disruptive for assistive technology users.”
Twitter has also included a collection of Easter keywords, which could further highlight the key topics of interest for the season:
In addition to this, Twitter suggests that brands consider four types of tweet to link into the season:
It’s likely a little late in the season to be getting your plans in shape, but if you’re looking for last-minute tweaks and things to try, then these notes could provide some guidance, or notes to consider.
You can check out Twitter’s full list of Easter marketing tips here.
– Andrew Hutchinson @adhutchinson
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