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Using social media management tools for business allows you to manage everything from one place. But the best social media management tools you should be looking for must enable you to engage with your audience through systemized tools and an organized interface.
For small businesses, the best social media management tools lay the foundations of their success, especially when establishing themselves in their industry online.
On top of that, scheduling social media posts, responding to comments, tracking social strategy success, and much more can be handled with ease. By using social media management software, you can also save a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money.
In addition, the best social media management tool streamlines processes and fosters better collaboration among online workgroups. But most importantly, they’re also helpful for small businesses that must first wear many hats before reaching their goals.
To know how your social media engagement tools should function, it must possess the four main types of social media tools, namely:
1. Scheduling tools. A social media scheduler can provide all the components your social media accounts need to facilitate future arrangements or scheduled activities and the likes. This tool should work with social media posting down to everything you want to pencil in so you won’t have to race against the clock.
2. Social media engagement tools. They allow you to track and reply to comments, messages, and reviews from different social profiles and platforms in a consolidated inbox. With a social media engagement tool, you can engage and support your customers and significantly reduce your team’s workload.
3. Content curation tools. You can find relevant, valuable content through content curation tools by searching for topics or focal person/s related to your business. With a content curation tool, you can boost your market reach through partnerships.
4. Social media analytics tools. But what’s the use of your social media manager, like the tools mentioned above, if you have no way to observe and analyze your performance in social media? The social media analytics tool lets you see your improvement, setbacks, and other data essential for your new strategies.
Consolidating all these tools leads to one way — the best social media management tools for small businesses. To know which to use, check out our top 5 here:
NapoleonCat is your best choice if you rely on social media for lead generation and sales. This social media management tool features a powerful suite for engaging and supporting customers on social networks, automating the moderation process, scheduling posts, analyzing results, and tracking competitors.
In Social Inbox, you can track and reply to messages, reviews, and comments from multiple profiles and platforms, including your Facebook and Instagram ads comments.
The Auto-moderation feature lets you set up automatic replies to simple questions in comments, ads comments, and private messages and automatically delete spam or inappropriate comments. As a result, you will boost the effectiveness of your campaigns and sell more.

You can also schedule social media posts for automatic publication and analyze the results of your social media campaigns.
NapoleonCat supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube.
With NapoleonCat, you’re not just giving yourself room to raise the standard for brand campaigns but also to boost workplace efficiency and generate sales.
Social Inbox. You can manage all comments, messages, and reviews with one tool: a multi-user engagement tool that makes it easy to view and reply to them all from a centralized location.
Automation. With NapoleonCat’s automation features you can scale sales in less time. The Auto-moderation feature allows you to handle high volumes of inquiries hands-free and shield your posts and ads from any kind of spam and inappropriate comments.
Publishing. An all-in-one social media scheduler and an easy-to-use calendar make it easy for you to publish content across multiple social media profiles and networks. Thanks to multiple collaboration features, you’ll improve the approval process.
Analytics. It’s hard to define success, but it begins by assessing your brand’s performance. Design a data-driven social media strategy and get ahead of your competitors with an in-depth analytics section from NapoleonCat.
Reporting. Using comprehensive reports, you can monitor and showcase your social media marketing performance. But the manual report preparation is time-consuming. With NapoleonCat, you can set up automatic reports that get sent to your boss or client every week, month, or quarter.
Offers affordable, customizable plans starting at $21/month
Makes it possible to automatically handle generic questions in comments, ads comments, and private messages
Allows you to automatically delete or hide spam and inappropriate content from comments and ads comments, shielding your brand image
Allows to analyze your social media accounts as well as your competitors’ profiles
If you cater to an international audience, you can take advantage of in-tool translations available for incoming communications and moderator replies
NapoleonCat earned its title as one of the best social media management tools out there. Thanks to a handful of its nifty features, you can easily put up your business on the top of your niche.
Are you ready to bring your team to the fortune 500? Take this as a sign to try out NapoleonCat for 14 days, completely free, with no credit card required.
Next is Buffer, an intuitively effective social media management tool that helps businesses achieve their goals and envision outcomes on their online accounts. With this tool, small businesses and individuals can easily manage their social media in a way that fosters engagement and results.
With its suite of products, Buffer helps social media marketers and teams work more efficiently and effectively. They provide tools for publishing, engagement, analytics, simple landing pages, and team collaboration.
The social media management tool also provides outstanding customer service to support their intuitive, friendly, and timely platform. Another valuable feature instructs you on how to get started and to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, generally helping you get up and start running.
Once you commit your business account to Buffer, you’re guaranteed a boost in your social metrics. Afterward, you’ll find an influx of new followers and engagement within a short time; your account will be more active and engaged.
With a blank queue, you’re immediately prompted to write your social media posts with Buffer’s simple interface.
Schedule posts and view them on a calendar
Online campaign organization
Simple and intuitive landing pages
Engagement and collaboration tools
Analytics and reporting
Has an Instagram special
With over 15 million users and over 800 Fortune 1000 companies using it, Facebook, Twitter, and Hootsuite are among the most prominent social media management tools. With this all-in-one platform, you can curate and schedule content, track your social ROI, run social media ads, and more.
As a comprehensive platform, Hootsuite has several features people love, such as monitoring multiple accounts and keywords, scheduling posts across over 35 social media channels, and integrating with over 35 social networks.
Another reason why it’s one of the best social media management tools is that HootSuite provides a very simple solution to a very basic problem: It allows users to log in to each social media channel, schedule posts, and manage their reader engagement.
You can do all this without logging into or managing each of these functions with each social platform separately. Since Hootsuite is a web-based application, you won’t have the difficulties associated with a native app on a mobile phone.
However, although it gives you the power to browse posts, it doesn’t have a specific tool to let you connect with your potential business partners.
But once you find that in other software, you can oversee the activity generated by the collaboration across platforms all at once.
Now, if your business relies on clients, Sendible has it all stored just for you. With this social media management tool, you can build a dashboard according to your branding to attract new clients using all the features of social media management tools.
On top of the features that traditional social media management tools provide, Sendible lets you create your dashboard tailored to your branding to attract new clients.
Additionally, it provides nifty integrations to make your workload more manageable. Currently, it integrates with Canva, royalty-free image search, and YouTube for content curation and creation.
Sendible also has automation tools if you want to get things done quickly. All major networks are covered by Sendible, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and even Google My Business.
If you’re a business owner looking for a social media dashboard that meets your specific needs and offers brand-friendly features, you can add and remove services with ease using a handy menu button. Plus, Sendible is easy to set up and has a few neat features.
All-in-one dashboard for your social media accounts
Has a social inbox and engagement tools
Monitors the social activity of your business
Schedules and publishes posts
Team features with external integrations
With many social media management tools, Social Pilot comes with a simple dashboard and offers them in a few clicks. Its features are a great addition for your business to work with many clients and provide the best social media management tools for better teamwork.
Social Pilot is designed for startups, small businesses, and marketing agencies that require access to several social networks to manage marketing campaigns more effectively without spending a large amount of money on high-end tools like competitor analysis.
A valuable feature of Social Pilot is its white label reports, which are especially useful for agencies. It also curates and suggests content from multiple industries, letting you find relevant content quickly.
Moreover, using the navigation bar present on the platform makes jumping across different features effortless, and the minimalist design leaves users focused on their social media tasks.
Although it lacks advanced features, teams that need to create new content daily can benefit from its simple offerings that will automate every process you plan for better productivity.
Scheduled and automated social media posting
Recommends content for your business accounts
Analyzes and reports social media performance
Active customer support
Connects with newer social media sites
Among the best social media management tools above, we recommend NapoleonCat for fostering everything you need to increase your audience engagement. Besides that, it also adds features that you didn’t know you needed until you used it, which is better than services that are limited to an extent.
As a small business, NapoleonCat assures you to connect with your targeted audience and proliferate your brand campaigns across popular sites.
Social networking has become a crucial part of almost all businesses in our increasingly digitized world, so that you can take advantage of these platforms inhabited by potential customers/clients in many ways. Investing in the best social media management tools is one way to do it.
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