Have evolved strategies to deal with hybrid terrorism: GoC Chinar Corps – Rising Kashmir


 GoC Chinar Corps Lt General, D P Pandey on Saturday said that they have evolved strategies to deal with hybrid terrorists and are monitoring their pattern and modus operandi.
In an exclusive interview with Rising Kashmir, Lt Gen Pandey said after a spike of hybrid terrorist activities in October 2021, they closely monitored their pattern and modus operandi. This has resulted in elimination and apprehensions of large numbers of such hybrid terrorists in recent past, he said.
“It is an important aspect to understand that the management of terrorist numbers is always the part of the strategy of the nexus which are running locally with hand in glue along with their Pakistan associates,” the GoC Pandey said.
The Chinar Corps GOC said both keep evolving new plans and systems adapting to our changing strategy of targeting terrorist leadership and the terrorist.
“The current strategy of this nexus is to get terrorists who are low key, maybe trained on basic weapons and quiet on the hybrid mode without announcing their recruitment as a terrorist to keep them below the radar of security forces,” he said.
Lt Gen Pandey said these hybrid terrorists are akin to petty criminals who carry out killings to terrorize people on behalf of nexus.  Secondly, there is a major shift in the process of recruitment, they have started targeting teenagers and young men who could be brainwashed easily on the lines of religion, Azadi  and victimhood, he said.
“Hybrid terrorists lay low and carry out their daily routine life as a normal regular citizen as students, worker in orchards, shopkeepers, service class etc. They get activated only when they are provided with a weapon and a target to assassinate.”
The GoC Pandey said once he (Hybrid terrorist) is killed during operations; everyone claims that he was not a ‘terrorist’ as he had never openly announced his recruitment in terror ranks.
As per security experts, a ‘hybrid terrorist’ are terrorists who carry out a task given to him by his handlers (terror groups) and then goes back to his normal work and wait for the next assignment.
“They are not listed as ultras in the records of police, but are radicalised to an extent that they are enough to carry out target killings, attacks, strikes and then slip back into the routine life.”
Regarding using of drones to move weapons along borders by terrorists, Lt Gen Pandey said the threat is real and they are taking appropriate measures to counter it at a larger scale.
He said terrorists are now using drones to move weapons. With the coming of high-end drones which are capable of delivering very heavy payloads, without actually coming on ground.  
"It is more preferred method to drop weapon and narco products instead of physically transporting it across the border (LoC). This threat is real and we are taking appropriate measures,” Pandey said.
Responding to social media propaganda, the Chinar Corps GOC said at the global level, we saw ISIS using social media in 2014 with disastrous impact and in J&K also, we saw deliberate well-orchestrated radicalization using the same technique.
“Social media has changed the methods of sharing of information in humanity and radicals have been first to exploit that to spread radical thoughts and use it for terror-related activities,” he said.
Lt Gen Pandey said, “It’s very important that we keep on educating the society regarding fake news and Pakistani propaganda aspects which is very well organized towards misguiding and misleading youth in particular.
He said it is possible and can be achieved only by gearing up our education system and utilizing its full potential.
The Chinar Corps GOC said it’s the moral responsibility of the society itself that our children and youth don’t get carried away by this fake news and propaganda.
He said people should be aware of these nefarious tactics of instigators, and ideologues. OGWs use old events, pictures, videos, and even fake content from places outside Kashmir to create chaos and confusion to influence the minds.  
The GoC Pandey said all these social media handlers are themselves either sitting abroad or in comfortable places.
 “We are clear that we have to counter an organized Pakistani effort both in the kinetic and information battlespace. We are winning both since in kinetic-we are stronger and in information space – truth is on our side,” Lt Gen Pandey added.