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Everyone has something they want to accomplish in the new year. Some want to improve their health, some want to take up a new hobby, and some want to up their visual marketing game. With these free printable Instagram and Pinterest content calendars from Tailwind, 2016 will be the year you make the most of your visual marketing strategy.

FREE Printable 2016 Pinterest & Instagram Content Calendars

  1. Download the PDF of the Pinterest calendar or the Instagram calendar (or both of them!)
  2. Print the calendars
  3. Cut out the calendars along the crop marks
  4. Bind the pages together
  5. Keep at your desk, stick it in your bag, or use it where ever you plan your social calendar
  6. Have an amazing 2016!

Do you know when you should start collecting summer themed pins? Or have you wondered when to start promoting your Thanksgiving recipes? Then it’s time to download Tailwind’s Pinterest content calendar.

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You know how it goes. You’re laying in bed after a long day, scrolling through Instagram, and you see all of these posts from your friends about #BossesDay and realize you missed your chance to give your boss a special Instagram shout out. Make sure you thank your boss on the right day in 2016 with our Instagram content calendar.

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How are you using your calendar in the new year? Let us know in the comments!

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