Channel Management in Growing Startups Through E-commerce –


09 May,2022 03:31 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

Channel Management has become a major skill in the current e-commerce tide. With most businesses and startups going remote, business transactions are carried out through e-commerce platforms. Due to e-commerce, small businesses have a greater chance of getting high reach and marketing their product through various channels. Of course, marketing your product or service the right way is crucial for your business, which is why it is necessary to manage all channels effectively.
In order to build a strong consumer base, regardless of whether your startup or business is remote or not, running an e-commerce platform is imperative. In sales and marketing, an effective way to manage all channels, when dealing with startups and small businesses, is to employ a person with great marketing expertise and good knowledge of the e-commerce business model to manage every channels of sales and marketing. Here’s why opting to run an e-commerce platform to reach your target audience and attract customers is the better choice;

1. Low-cost and Budget Friendly
Shifting your medium of business from physical stores to a virtual store helps cut down on many major expenses.

2. Easy Advertising
Through Google and Facebook Ads, marketing your product has become easy in terms of saving your costs, time, and energy.

3. Keeping Track of Inventory
You can also optimize your business by using this exceptional tool to track and manage your inventory just by logging on to your e-commerce website.

4. Reaching Across Borders
When you create an e-commerce platform for your business and market your product the right way as you manage all channels of advertising, you can become the next big thing in your industry and possibly reach an audience across borders and create an international customer network.

5. Better Communication and Feedback
Creating an online platform helps you connect with customers and better communicate with them through your channels. Be it through social media, or through the help canter on your website, customers feel more heard and satisfied when you provide them a platform to voice their opinions and give their feedback and reviews.

Some of the sales and marketing channels that most companies invest in and are essential for your e-commerce presence are;

Search Engine Optimization, also known as ‘SEO’ is one of the most effective and perfect channels to optimize your e-commerce presence. SEO helps customers find your product or your website by looking up what they want. SEO links your products with the customer demands using keywords and other factors and listing your website higher than others in the search engine results.

• Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click is a channel of marketing that requires you to pay for your advertisement only if an audience clicks on it, meaning you do not have to actually pay for it unless someone clicks to view your ad.

• Social Media Marketing
It is true that you need to manage all channels when running an ecommerce platform, which means managing your social media accounts as well. Social Media is the core of marketing strategies these days as more and more people tend to buy your product through operative celebrity endorsement campaigns.

• Re-targeting
Retargeting is an extremely efficient way of making sure that the audience window shopping on your website turn into actual customers. The retargeting strategy you’re your advertisements toward those people who have visited your website in the past looking for a certain product.

As stated before, it is crucial for your startup or your business to grow that you optimize your business by creating an e-commerce platform and using various marketing and advertising channels to market your product. It is important that you manage all channels that you use to market your product in order to gain maximum reach and exposure.