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A staggering 83% of B2B marketers rely on social media for their marketing. Social advertising ranks second only to search engines as regards success rates. A B2B social marketing campaign has many options. Customers can be nurtured, your industry can be flexed, and your brand has so many options.
We find social media to be one of the most effective channels at delivering results across a range of goals. A total of 79% of 115 senior level business to business marketers responding say social media is beneficial for meeting objectives and building thought leadership.
If you are a B2B business, you can target a well-informed and engaging target audience using social media ads. These ads can bring visitors back to your site, and keep them coming back. You need to humanize your brand. The audience wants to know who the people behind your brand are.
B2B Content Marketing Strategy 91% of B2B marketers report having a content marketing strategy that they use. B2C marketers rely on content marketing to 71% (source). 38% of B2B marketers have no formal documentation of their content marketing plans, while 37% already have one (source).
According to social media researchers, B2B marketers will have greater success personalizing their messages when using it. Brands must personalize their products in order to survive, since consumers feel increasingly confident when it comes to buying from well-known brands. Marketers use social media to discreetly send marketing messages to prospects when they go about their daily lives, such as shopping, going to the doctor, etc.
A majority of B2B marketers view email as the single most important media channels to success when it comes to their content marketing strategy, however LinkedIn ranks lower than other social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, SlideShare, Facebook, and Instagram.
Marketers of B2B products tend to engage in social marketing as an active method of promoting and educating, compared with selling. Marketers should prioritize creating brand awareness (86%) as the next step in B2B content marketing based on recent research.
These social media channels have turned them into extremely useful tools for promoting their company and learning more about what their industry, customers, and competitors are talking about. A successful social media campaign can result in increased website traffic and the creation of identity for a brand.
The return on investment from content marketing is excellent. Therefore, there’s ample data to back up this statement. Content is viewed by 30% of marketers as having the best return on investment of any channel, according to Statista. In fact, 91% of business to business marketers use content in order to attract customers.
Content marketing is a type of marketing activity, that occurs within the B2B sector. Content marketing involves using content to grow the audience of your business, strengthen and develop brand affinity, as well as by motivating and selling others to do business with you.
It is possible to show business-to-business customers that your company cares about the same things. The biggest problem B2B companies face is that they are very rarely selling above volume.
a business-to-business business marketing strategy that attempts to sell products or services to a wide variety of customers. Businesses usually sell to consumers in B2C markets instead of direct to them.

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