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Wondering whether TikTok has a place in your marketing mix? Check out these statistics and facts about the short video sharing platform.
TikTok has proven itself more than the latest trending social craze.
In fact, the short-form video sharing social network has emerged as a key player in the consumer path to purchase, particularly for product discovery.
Looking to make the business case for TikTok as part of your own digital marketing mix?
You’re going to need some data-backed reasoning to justify the investment.
Check out these fascinating TikTok statistics and facts you can use to get your marketing team or client onboard.
And it’s still growing.
Beyond demographics, understanding the mindset of TikTok users can help determine who your prospective audience may be and what content will best resonate with them.
Here are a few interesting things we know about who TikTok users are and what they want:
TikTok usage is impacting media consumption in other channels and platforms, as these facts demonstrate:
If you aren’t connecting with the audience on TikTok, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to get found.
TikTok users tend to be fully engaged and tune the rest of the world out when they’re using the platform.
How will you make the most of these moments you have to make an impression? Check out these TikTok marketing best practices and tips to get you started.
Getting in front of a large audience may be flattering but is pretty pointless from a marketing perspective unless those people are open to becoming customers.
This is another place TikTok excels.
TikTok users long to be entertained, educated, and inspired by the content they engage. Here’s how they spend their time, according to the TikTok Marketing Science Global ‘Time Well Spent’ study by Kantar:
TikTok is a great place for families and friends to co-create and discover new trends together, as well. Kantar’s research found that this is what users are doing when they’re enjoying TikToks together:
Is TikTok a good place to invest social advertising budget? Consider these facts:
Many users seem satisfied with the advertising experience on offer at TikTok, as 45% of “heavy” users said that advertising blends in with other content.
You can learn more about TikTok search ads (currently in beta) here.
TikTok offers a free 4-part course to help advertisers make the most of their investment in the platform, too.
Matt Southern takes a look at the TikTok Tactics course and share TikTok advertising best practices here.
TikTok is here to stay and is worth at least taking a look at as part of your marketing mix.
It isn’t a fad, and the audience is not limited to one narrow group or demographic. TikTok has become mainstream, and the people who use it demonstrate a good level of commercial intent.
TikTok is a two-way channel where users expect a conversation and don’t like to be “sold.”
Users are looking to be educated, entertained, and engaged. Marketers who can achieve that will find a highly motivated audience open to product discovery, shopping, and sharing recommendations with family and friends.
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